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Water is part of almost every aspect of our lives from cleaning to eating and washing. But the quality of what comes out of your faucet can vary widely. People with wells often get stuck dealing with heavy rust and the taste of metal. City dwellers, meanwhile, have to choke down water that smells like a swimming pool. Fortunately, our Water Wizards are here to save you from bad water.

Our water purification experts know how to solve almost any water quality issue. This includes not only common problems like chlorine, but also volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dissolved solids. Our arsenal of treatment options is vast and includes water conditioning, purification, filtration, and softening systems. By mixing these solutions, we can create a treatment plan specially tailored to the concerns you and your family face. You can expect our plumbers to treat you with the same care that Guelph and Kitchener have come to expect from the Aido brand.

Not sure you have a water problem? Just looking for advice from a local water purification company? Then, you’re in luck! We provide free water testing. To learn more about the numerous ways better water benefits you, keep scrolling. Otherwise, fill out our contact form or give us a call to schedule your FREE water quality consultation. You can also click the Schedule Now button and book your appointment online.

Know What’s in Your Water

In hard water areas that depend on ground water, there are things that can get into your water. This includes not only calcium, but sulfur, iron, magnesium, and other heavy metals, as well as bacteria. Unfortunately, many of these contaminants can go undetected. That’s where Aido's Water Wizards comes in. Our water testing experts can quickly identify the issue with your home’s water supply and provide a solution.

Make Hard Water A Thing of the Past

Is your hair dry and brittle? Have flaky, itchy skin? Are you tired of the iron aftertaste you get with every glass of water? These things are typically the result of what’s called hard water. The best solution? We offer a complete range of water softeners that our Water Wizards will help you match to your home. Book you FREE water test and consultation to get started today!

Keep Contaminants Out

You want to know you and your family have access to clean water. That means you want pipes free of bacteria, algae, lead, and other dangerous chemicals. Achieving this means installing a water filtration, a water purification, or a drinking water system. Call (519) 835-2436 for your FREE water test and consultation today!.

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The Benefits of Home Water Purification

Aido's Water Wizards’s offers a variety of water purification options that can purify your water. But the benefits of higher quality water go far beyond simple aesthetics. Below are just a few ways your household can benefit from an appointment with Guelph’s Water Wizards:
Cheaper water bills and less water usage
Less staining and streaking on the dishes
No more stains on your bathroom fixtures
More consistent water pressure
Less chance of damage to pipes and fixtures
Softer clothes and textiles
Smoother, more youthful looking skin
More manageable, less-tangled hair
Fewer water-based appliance breakdowns
What’s soft water?
What’s hard water?
Why does soft water feel slimy?
How do water softeners work?
Can you tell me what a WHF system is?
What’s a reverse osmosis system?

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Aido's Water Wizards is a Readers Choice 2021 Diamond Winner for Water Treatment repair in Fergus ON.
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Aido's Water Wizards does more than water, we also offer HVAC services!

Are you looking for a water treatment company in the Guelph area? Then, you've come to the right place. Our water softener company has been proudly serving you and your neighbors since 2016. Our staff provide a variety of water improvement services including water softening, filtration, and purification. We also promise to always put you first. So, when you ask Google for "a good water treatment company near me", you can rest easy knowing we're the best choice. To get an estimate on your water softener repair or replacement, call (519) 835-2436.
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