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A good water filtration system is worth its weight in gold. Sediment, rust, chemicals, heavy metals and more can be present in your home's drinking water. The worst part is that you may not even know something is wrong with your water without a professional water test.

Keep unwanted elements out of your water with the help of Aido's Water Wizards. We offer the best home water filtration systems on the market and will expertly install and maintain these systems in your Guelph area home. Don't go another day without clean, safe water.

Hard Water Solutions

Do you have concerns with the levels of iron in your water? Well water users especially must employ a water softener system in their homes to make water usable. A high-functioning water softener system is essential to the quality of your water. Hard water can cause itchy dry skin, buildup on plumbing fixtures and shorten the lives of appliances that use water, like your water heater, washer and dishwasher.

Drinking Water Solutions

How clean is the drinking water in your home? Unfortunately, well water users and municipal water customers alike must take care when it comes to the safety of their home's water. With filtration systems dedicated to providing you with pure and clean drinking water, you wash away any concerns about your home's drinking water. Aido's Water Wizards is proud to provide a number of high-quality products that will ensure your drinking water is clean.

Reverse osmosis filtration is a very popular type of filtration because its multi-step process removes almost all of the impurities from your water and leaves your water tasting great.

Whole House Water Filtration Solutions

Aido's Water Wizards also provides whole house water filtration systems. These innovative systems include specialized filtration capabilities to remove volatile and organic chemicals from your main water supply, whether from a municipal or rural well source. The Premium Filtration System also removes heavy metals like lead from your water supply without the use of chemicals or water softening salt.

Complimentary Home Water Tests

We offer complimentary water testing services for your home! Call today at (519) 835-2436 to learn more or to schedule a consultation and see how clean your home's water is.

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